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Skill Level Descriptions for Classes:

Classes are taught at Bonny’s Sewing and Fabric with the assumption that customers will bring with them a working knowledge of their sewing and/or embroidery machine.  “Learn Your Machine”, “Sewing Machine Basics” and “Embroidery Basics” are the only classes we offer where it is assumed the customer is not familiar with their machine.  In an attempt to make classes more productive and enjoyable for all who attend, we will be using the following guide to classify all our creative and technique based classes.  When registering for a class other than the new owner classes, please check the skill level (represented by one, two, or three asterisks) required to make the most out of your class time.

* Beginner:  You are new to sewing and may or may not have ever owned a sewing machine.  You have taken the appropriate new owner’s class that is offered to all customers who purchased their machine from Bonny’s Sewing and Fabric.   You can complete the following skills with very little instructor assistance:  Threading the machine, winding a bobbin, sewing a seam, choosing stitches, changing the presser feet.  If you have a hoop driven embroidery machine, you know how to set the machine for embroidery, load designs and know how to hoop material and/or stabilizer with very little instructor assistance. 

** Intermediate:  You are able to complete the beginner skills on your machine independent of the instructor.  You are comfortable exploring the features and stitches on your machine.  If you have a hoop driven embroidery machine, you know how to change the machine from sewing mode to embroidery mode, save designs on your USB drive as well as on your machine, and you can complete all the beginner level skills independent of the instructor.

*** Advanced:  You are a very experienced sewer.  You have taken the new owner’s class or classes and can complete all functions on your machine completely independent of the instructor.  If you own a hoop driven embroidery machine, you can complete all functions on the machine independent of the instructor.  You have a variety of sewing experiences that allow you to grasp concepts quickly due to your rich background.  You are very comfortable with common sewing operations and techniques such as zipper applications, stitch-in-the-ditch, binding application, sewing buttonholes and buttons, the use of decorative stitches and their programming into machine memory, and all the skills listed in the Beginner and Intermediate levels completely independent of the instructor.

Caution: Attending classes can be habit forming!  The more you attend, the more you may notice a reduction in overall stress with increased incidents of smiling and laughing. 
Please Read:
Class Registration information: Class fees are due when registering for a class. You may be added to the Wait List if you wish to register by phone, then pay in person or mail a check.  Class registration is closed 1 week (7 days) prior to the start date.  To avoid disappointment, please register as early as possible.  Class Fees are for instruction only.  The supplies and/or Kits required for your class are extra unless otherwise specified.  If your class requires your sewing machine, please be sure you are familiar with its operation and it is in good working order.

​Cancellation information:

Class may be cancelled if the minimum number of Students is not met 1 week prior to the class. Students who have registered will be notified by phone or email.  Please keep this possibility in mind when purchasing supplies needed for your class

Refund information:

If we must cancel a class because the minimum enrollment was not met, you will receive a full refund of your Class Fee.  Class Fees will not be refunded if you fail to attend or cancel less than 1 week prior to the starting date for the class.If you don't know how to use a sewing machine at all, take any of our Introduction or Machine How To Classes.

Bad Weather Policy:
The decision to close is not dependent on whether the local schools are closed; it is made independently based on weather conditions. If we are closed due to bad weather, it will be posted on the home page.  If in doubt, please call before coming. The decision to cancel classes will be made no later than two hours before class and we
will make every attempt to contact students.