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Meet the Instructors!

Rosemary DeasyGrowing up surrounded by people who loved to sew, it was inevitable that I would too.  I began sewing by making clothes for my Barbie and in the 9th grade, I learned garment sewing in Home Economics.  That was it for me!  I continued sewing, making my own clothes and my children's clothes, when they were small.  Of course, I wanted to try different things and expand my knowledge of sewing, so I learned to quilt and then finally , machine embroidery.  Now I love to combine making quilts with embroidery.  It's not my career, but it is my passion and I love sharing my passion with those who want to learn.  Instructor for:  Anita Goodesign

Cindy Kraft:  Sewing has been a life-long endeavor since the age of 6.  My family made everything from drapery, upholstery and home décor to clothing and gifts.  By the age of 7, I was making and wearing all my own clothes.  Teaching has also been a life passion, having retired from Fairfax County Public Schools after a 30 year career as a General Music Teacher for grades K-6.  I look forward to teaching customers how to get the most from their machines as well as improving their sewing skills.  Instructor for:  "Sewing Machine Basics", "Embroidery Basics", "Beyond the Basics", and Creative classes

Lyn Perry:  My mother began teaching me to sew when I was five years old.  Throughout my childhood I was tackling projects of increasing difficulty.  By 8th grade Home Ec. class, I was making a pleated jumpsuit while my peers were struggling with simple stuffed animal kits.  I even designed and made my own wedding dress while I was a graduate student studying Computer Science.  I have a BS, MS and PhD in Computer Science and I am looking forward to teaching you how to more effectively use the Premier+ Embroidery software.  Instructor for:  Premier+ software, Creative Classes


Class preparation:  means different things to different people.  For our instructors, it means they have a thorough knowledge of their subject.  It is the instructor's job to convey as much knowledge as possible in the time allotted for the class.  They ensure they are ready for each class, having all necessary materials assembled ahead of time, and are ready to begin each class on time.

For our students, it means they are coming prepared to learn with all the materials and tools they need to do that.  "Learn Your Machine", "Sewing Machine Basics" and "Embroidery Basics" are free classes that provide our customers with in-depth knowledge of their machine.  These are not beginning sewing courses:  we do not teach you to sew in these classes!  Taking the appropriate class or classes for your machine, or the equivalent (working through the owner's manual on your own), is expected before attending one of our other classes.  When each student is prepared with all the items listed on their class reminder email, and they have a good grasp of the operation of their machine, everyone has a much better time in class.

Since you will be coming to multiple classes with us, you will want to assemble a kit that comes with you.  This should include:  machine needles of various sizes and types, empty bobbins, thread snips, a  seam ripper, a fabric marking tool, pins and/or clips, a seam guide or small ruler and a larger pair of scissors for cutting fabric.  If you are coming for a hoop driven embroidery class, you will also need bobbins filled with 60 weight bobbin thread.  Class readiness leaves more time for fun and learning! 

Everyone wants to have fun and learn something new when they come to a class.  With a little preparation on everyone's part, that will happen in every class!

Life's a Stitch, . . Let's sew it up!